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The Beatles & Me: Christmas Edition

I made a song with the fab four, in Moscow, with a Siberian girl.

And what did you do today?

I saw Santa Claus last night, on top of a fire truck. He yelled Merry Christmas at me. This video is intended in that same spirit. I therefore decided to have no comments on it, you Youtube.

If someone doesn't like it? It's his inability to understand :) PS there weren't actually any bad comments or anything, just didn't feel like dealing with the seething stupidity of the YT masses today. Obviously you're different, and view this with adoration, devotion, and unadulterated joy.


Merry Christmas :D

PS The video is irony free, thus not with the super sarcastic zeitgeist that prevails today, and in fact against it. Didn't want it ruined by vandals - seriously, the profound and almost incalculable stupidity of most people on this tiny, mean, planet. It's Christmas, after all. Lighten up, and even if you don't smile, stop grimacing. It's f***ing Christmas, goddamnit. (See, even I couldn't resist a little irony. What is wrong with this planet?!)