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Muzikifi Muzikifies Life. Viral Sensation Heralds a “New Thing”

But Will it Last as Long as Rap?

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Over the weekend, a new form of music was created, fueled by the intelligence of crowds, AI, African shamans, South American guarana soda, and moonbeams.

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Muzikifi spent two years off the grid, on a solitary journey trying to scratch the itch of his musical soul. He spent four months in Africa, almost dying twice (drinking water in the wrong place, and again in a close call with human-mutilating mutis) while sharing music with top pop sensations, 10 year old “boot” dancers, and much more. He spent a season in Japan, befriending top geisha musicians, teenage taiko drummers, and so much more (and again being sick for a week—fast food.). Muzikifi was then brought to spend time in the first Montessori music school in earth, in Germany. (He didn’t get sick at all.) This in addition to the top classical pianist in Russia, and random people on the street around the world...and much more to come.

Back on the grid, at last, he uploaded an A.D.D. inspired video melange of random clips from around the world. Just before the upload, though, at 3 in the morning, under the influence of the moonlight coming through his window, his 17th can of South American guarana soda, and the echo of the shamans coming from his computer screen, he did something no one on earth had ever done before.

Muzikfi didn’t realise what he’d done, but as Youtube’s AI made his video quickly became the #2 trending video around the world, the wisdom of the crowds came in, as a new subscriber posted this message to explain the hysteria:


Car Guy1 day ago (edited)

2 subscribers

(...) So after saying that, its truly appreciated when someone steps outside the norm and tries to evolve music for the next copy cat to find that "original" sound that the next generation will gobble up. So while your experiment in music is crucial to music evolution, you will be ahead of your time and famous like most, for being copied and getting no credit. Amazing experience though and good luck getting through to the minds outside the box as there are many who understand.

Muzikifi, beyond making music with a much cooler rhythm by combining musical feels from three different cultures, which is presumably what Car Guy was talking about, also did something much more amazing.

Muzikifi Muzikified a story.

Not since the sampler and music video were both invented in the late 1980s has a story, music, and video, been Muzikified. In the first video of Muzikifi’s series, he (they?) take audio and video filmed at a shaman ceremony in Soweto, South Africa, sample the audio and video into the music and video, creating the first “Muzikified” story, thus truly doing what no one on earth has ever done before—Muzikifi-ing life.

First Video in the Muzikifi Series:

Muzikifi's channel trailer was the #2 trending video around the world on Youtube, just banned by Youtube after complaints by neo-Nazi haters. At about 2:18 there is a shot of someone wearing a traditional African costume, and you see about 3 frames of her breast. The racists and neo-Nazis were filling the comment thread, admitting they were making fake complaints. Youtube's wage slave censors seem to have been too uneducated to understand. Literally BILLIONS of videos on Youtube of traditional African costumes. Sad Youtube lets Nazis censor Africans!

Replacement Video from Vimeo - BANNED BY YOUTUBE!