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Youtube Scandal: Nazis Win!

African Music Spreads Virally...Nazis Stomp it Out

With Youtube's Help

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African Music Spreads Virally...Nazis Stomp it Out

With Youtube's Help.

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Here are the original videos...(only the second one was banned, replaced by one from Vimeo)

Muzikifi's channel trailer "Why Not...?" was was a #2 trending video in many places around the world this weekend, but was yanked by Youtube after Neo-Nazis made good on their threats.

A contingent of Neo-Nazis had been trolling "Why Not...?", posting hateful comments in response to the surprise success of Muzikifi's channel trailer video, which announced an upcoming video series about his journeys immersing himself in the music, spiritual life, and culture of African and other non-western cultures.  

The neo-nazis, however, found Muzikifi's channel trailer's Achilles heel. At about 2:18 there is a shot of someone wearing a traditional African costume, and for about 3 frames you see her breast. A quick Youtube search for "Zulu Dancing" brings around 80,000 videos of African Zulus wearing identical traditional costumes as the one visible for, literally, 3 frames in this video. The racists and neo-Nazis, however, took their shot. filing enough fake complaints to induce Youtube's wage slave censors to ban a groundbreaking video not only celebrated around the world for its cultural sensitivity and exploration. but which, according to at least one commenter, heralded in a new style of music.

Sad! Youtube lets Nazis censor Africans!

Replacement video, from Vimeo, below image of banned video

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