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Youtube Helps neo-Nazis

Ban African Dance Video

Zulu Chief Angry at Youtube Chief Susan Wojcicki

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When you search for Zulu dancers on Youtube, you get 87, 200 results.

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If that video above shows a "dead" video, read this next section. If it's a "live" video, skip some...


I am in a hurry now, but here is a letter I wrote about this just now:


Hey Andy -


I have v. little time for this right now, but it seems so important I'm writing.. I had another video that lots of neo-nazis were criticising. They admitted in the comments they were making fake complaints based on a 1/4 second flash of a zulu dancer's breast. So, crowd sourced complaints, I understand, win. I made a quick appeal to YT's to unban the video, and they rejected it, saying the video was "overtly sexual." Which was insane. SO - I made a little unlisted video to put on a blog post about the issue. There was ONE image in the video. It was a screen shot of a Youtube search result for Zulu Dancers. A SCREEN SHOT OF the first page search results on youtube for zulu dancers, ON YOUTUBE, and nothing else. AND THE VIDEO WASN'T EVEN AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE. IT WAS UNLISTED. IT WAS ONLY ON MY BLOG POST.


And Youtube banned that - andimage of their own page - as "blatantly sexual". Because...I was criticising their support of neo-nazis? Rather than correcting the problem, they silenced the critics?


Can you make that known? You are in SA. It's like somebody's...trolling, pranking me - it's postmodern and surreal.


The banned video is still on that page [this page, oh reader] - I'm gonna post this letter[this letter, oh reader], there [here], maybe.


Please make this known, if it's interesting to you.. My GOD!





this blog post below was meant to be a bit sardonic, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought it's no laughing matter. It's really serious. Any kind of censorship, but especially corporate censorship brought on by (in this case) neo-Nazi trolls. It's really no laughing matter. This is why ALL free speech is important, no matter who's in charge...

Notice anything these Youtube search results? Breasts.

That is because in Africa, this is the way you dress, at least if you're Zulu, and dancing.

Take a gander.

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At a minimum, 174,000 breasts. (87,000 x 2. But actually, with all those dancers, over a million breasts, as a conservative estimate.)

That's right, with just one search, we've uncovered over a million breasts on Youtube.

Yesterday, it was 1,000,002. (Actually, 1,000,001. More on that, later.)

Why are we so breast obsessed? Because neo-Nazi trolls used breasts to trick Youtube into deleting the most popular Youtube video of the week.

This weekend, across the world, a seismic shift was changing our planet. Or at least an above average video was trending on Youtube. A "Muzikifi" video celebrating the wonderful diversity of our world was becoming popular around the world, in some places trending as high as a #2 on Youtube.

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But while most of the world was embracing Muzikifi's "Why Not...?" video, neo-Nazis who had been trolling the video didn't appreciate its celebration of diversity. In their effort to destroy "Why Not...?" these neo-Nazis found, for literally 3 frames, one female breast. A Zulu dancer, like the hundreds of thousands above who are already on Youtube, (albeit with difference: she was said to be a relative of Zulu King Goodwill, and the niece of a tribal chief. More on that in a moment.)

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No one is claiming Youtube, or the neo-Nazi instigators, knew of this royal connection, yet this was perhaps their biggest, and potentially deadliest, mistake. These trolls proceeded to engage in a coordinated attack on Muzikifi's "Why Not?" Youtube video, making multiple fake complaints that this 1/16th of a second flash of traditional Zulu garb offended them. The truth was, of course, they didn't mind the few thousand people with a special interest in Zulu dancing watching the million blatantly naked breasts already on Youtube, but Muzikifi's celebration of the diversity of our planet, viewed by millions of ordinary WHITE people, was more than the neo-Nazis could bear

They had to stop it.

And they did.

 What happens with Youtube's automated complaint system may be annoying, but what offended King Goodwill's relations, according to well-placed sources, was learning that their niece's video would not be returning to Youtube even after an appeal was filed with Youtube by the film's creator, Muzikifi.

What Does This Mean for Youtube Chief Susan Wojcicki?

The General Stuff Below About Mutis is True, and Although The Conclusions are Meant Sardonically...the Problem and Anger are Real.

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Little known outside South Africa, but reported almost daily across all South Africa's main newspapers, are true stories of "Muti Killings", which are part of the traditional religious practices of South Africa's "First Nations" people. Body parts of children and adults, who must be cut up ("mutilated") while still alive, are used for the Mutis' magic practices. Although shocking to some westerners, conceptually these Mutu killings are little different from Christians own religious practices, especially those such as Catholics, who literally believe they are eating the body and blood of Christ during their own Mass.

Although Muti killings are not traditionally used as revenge, both legal and religious scholars around the world are already wondering whether America's new Supreme Court Judge, Neil Gorsuch, who is known for his literal application of the words of the United States Constitution, would allow King Goodwill's U.S, based minions to chop apart Youtube chief Susan Wojcicki while she is still alive, if not as punishment for the insult to his niece, his tribe, and his people, then at least in keeping with their deeply held religious beliefs and constitutionally protected religious freedom. [This is a joke only people closely watching U.S. news can understand. If you don't get it, sorry. This is joke, but censorship IS NO LAUGHING MATTER. Fight to stomp out corporate censorship.]

Watch the Video the neo-Nazis Don't Want You To See, Below...(from Vimeo, now)

sorry if it loads slowly but, hey, it's Vimeo...CAN YOU SPOT THE BREAST? IT GOES BY QUICKLY...(Somewhere around 2:18...)